Monday, September 12, 2011

when Henry gets to choose

So, our boy loooves to stare at the walls and the ceiling, and the other day Chris called me into the bedroom where I found them chilling, Henry-style:

Saturday, September 10, 2011

snapshot: Henry at two months

Henry, you're two months old! Here's a rundown of your life right now, since you won't remember any of it.

For the past two weeks, you and I have been alone together during the day. For better or for worse, you now have a real, live stay-at-home mom. I was nervous in the beginning, but you're pretty fun and I've loosened up quite a bit, and now I'm sure we're going to be all right.
Discovering that you're content to watch me blow dry my hair has been a total game-changer in the morning. :-) 

When you received your six-week shots, you weighed in at 10 pounds 11 ounces. Your next doctor visit is two weeks away, so I don't know how much you weigh now, but I'm guessing over 12 pounds. You feel so heavy in my arms!

We haven't found a bigger apartment yet, so for now you sleep in the co-sleeper in our room. A sound machine signals to you that it's bedtime.

You need your arms swaddled tightly by your sides in order to sleep. You also usually need one arm pinned underneath you when you nurse or you'll push yourself away (which makes you very angry). If you're really worked up before a meal, you need your other hand pinned down too or it'll get in the way as you try to latch. Those pesky arms!

Speaking of arms, you have discovered them (although you don't realize they're attached to you), and if you catch sight of them you try to grab one hand with the other. You also sometimes point your finger, which is just really cute.

Your favorite words are “goo” and “ghee," accompanied by the sweetest smile on the planet. And sometimes spit-up. You've also recently added an occasional "beh" and some adorable squeals.

I sing to you a lot, and often you'll sing along with me. It's pretty fun. We sing Annie songs, Elton John songs, plenty of Disney musicals, some Regina Spektor, Joshua Radin, the Mister Rogers "Good Feeling" song, and the hymns and worship songs my mom sang to me when I was little. I sing "Let Mercy Lead" by Rich Mullins--he wrote it for his song Aiden, and I substitute your name and use it as a prayer for you. I've also decided to start working in some classic CCM (Michael W. Smith, Petra, White Heart, etc.) in honor of my dad, your namesake (Daniel).

You seem to have resigned yourself to the constant kisses and no longer put up a fight. When I kiss you on the mouth, you leave your mouth open, and it's the most adorable thing ever.

We spend quite a bit of time laughing at you. It's kind of convenient, because you provide the comic relief for your own difficult behavior. You're a full-service baby.

You love the Ergo, and if all else fails, we know we can put you in it and you'll sleep like the baby you are. So far, you're not particularly impressed with the stroller, so you're in the Ergo almost anytime we go out.

You've taken countless bus trips by now.

Pooping still upsets you and, much to my dismay, sometimes wakes you up when you've been sleeping peacefully.

These days, when we swaddle you, give you a pacifier, and lay you down in the co-sleeper, you'll fall asleep on your own eventually. Until very recently, though, I would hold you and rock you to sleep. I still do that sometimes. And I have to say, I (usually) don't mind a bit. I've decided you're going to be small for such a short time, so I'm just going to enjoy the feel of your tiny, warm body resting in my arms, your cute little feet dangling by my side, your sweet smiles as you drift off to sleep, the way it takes forever for your eyes to close completely, and how different your face looks when you're sleeping.

You love your Daddy time every morning. After you have your morning meal, he burps you and changes you and plays with you until he leaves for work. Of course, you also get lots of fun Daddy time on the weekends. It's the best. He also feeds you one bottle each night, which you gobble up (at least, that's what I hear—I don't know, I'm busy sleeping). In the past few days you've dropped both of your night feedings, though, so he may not be doing that anymore! We'll see.

Baths happen in our kitchen sink, and you love them. I love that you love bath time, and it's become one of my favorite things to do with you. I try to give you a bath every day because it's such a nice experience for both of us, but sadly I don't always get the dishes done in time.

You also love being on your changing table (a changing pad on the dresser) and having your diaper changed. That's my boy! Cleanliness is next to godliness!

You bring so much joy to our lives, Henry, and I love being your mommy. It's so much harder and more wonderful than I imagined.