Sunday, April 24, 2011

30 weeks

Behold, not one, but two photos of me and my giant belly!

Before leaving the house Friday night for a friend's birthday party at Poquito, a yummy Ecuadorian restaurant we will definitely be returning to.

Out and about in our neighborhood Saturday afternoon.

And now I will tell you some of what we did on Saturday, just because I feel like it. 

We started out by realizing we were hungry and it was lunchtime, so we got lunch at Nopa, probably our favorite restaurant within walking distance of our house (although it's really hard to choose). 

Waiting for our lunch at Nopa.

I had a glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice and their custard french toast. It's the best french toast I've ever had (and I've had a lot of french toast). Chris had smoked rainbow trout, farmer's cheese, and radishes on a bagel, and it too was quite delicious. 

We're on the hunt for a dresser for the baby, so we stopped at The Other Shop and Mickey's Monkey, two vintage shops near our house, but didn't find anything.

After that, we hit up a corner produce market and scored some amazing-looking local strawberries (we ate them last night, and they were pretty darn good), huge navel oranges, lemons, and beets. 

The whole time we were out the baby was doing his usual alien rotations. He's not so much into the rapid kicking anymore--now he mostly goes for slow, big rolls and flops, and he's hard at work on them all day long. Once, a knuckle-sized bump appeared on the side of my belly and, alarmed, I pushed it gently back in. It's like he's trying to freak me out. A lot of the time these days, my stomach doesn't look completely symmetrical, because he's situated himself on one side or the other. I say that like I know what he's doing; I have no idea what he's doing, or what part of his body is trying to escape through my belly button at any given moment. I really wish for X-ray vision at a time like this.

Here are two other photos, just because you've made it this far in my ramblings and probably feel you deserve some kind of reward for that.

26 weeks

29 weeks
Somehow I lost the side view photo. Crazy how well this top disguised my belly from the front, though.