Sunday, August 7, 2011

my Henry boy

In choosing a name for our son, one of the deal-breakers was that it be a name not likely to be shortened by others. We wanted it to stand on its own. We wanted people to call him exactly what we named him.

We also routinely mocked people who engaged in "baby talk," claiming that we would never stoop to that. We would speak to our child like the adults that we are.

Of course, no sooner had Henry made his entry into this world than the silliest terms of endearment started flowing from my mouth with unstoppable force. I'm serious--I cannot stop myself. I sound a lot like this all day long (except without the element of comedic genius, unfortunately).

So without further ado, here's a list of the things I call Henry on a daily basis:

Henry boy*
Bubby boy*
Pumpkin noodle*
Pumpkin boy*

Sweet pea*
Sweetie pea*
Snorty Henry

My sweet
My love 
My sweet love
My sweet boy
My sweetie boy

Froggy boy*
My son
My lovely
My little one
Tasmanian devil

*Can be prefaced with "my little"

I'm out of control over here, people, with the names. But I don't care. Just look at this sweet little bubby boy! How could I NOT call him exactly what he is--my precious little sweetie pea, my lovie?

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