Monday, October 11, 2010

Internet, meet weird uber-Christian Amy Boss

Guys, you are in for a treat today.

A few days ago I spent a good chunk of time weeding through my many, many plastic bins of keepsakes. (Side note: Kind of funny how predominantly the saving of sex for marriage featured into my middle and high school life. I found like five of those True Love Waits commitment cards as well as evidence that I attended multiple(!) Joshua Harris conferences. I was serious about not being a hussy.)

Anyway, I found this one random little journal with only six pages filled out. I don’t recall naming my journals, but apparently I had high hopes for this one, because I titled it “Secret Secrets.” Here are two sweet morsels of Amy Boss goodness:


June 28, 1997

My Secret Summer Dream

My secret summer dream is to find a guy that is just perfect. One that is spiritually mature (maybe more than me), has the same standards as me, looks really good, is tall, goes to Cypress Creek, and wants to go out with me/get to know me better. That’s not too much to ask, now is it? Oh, and one more thing; he has to be hilariously funny, and not desperate. Added on 11/27/98: And outgoing. Fun!!!


My Secret Senior Dream

To have a date to prom. I want to be asked by someone (preferably someone who goes to CCHS) who does not booty-dance, and I want all the plans to run smoothly. Not smoothly; but just comfortably—no awkward moments, you know?


Who is this nerd? Spoiler: No one asked weird, non booty-dancing Amy to prom. Maybe if I’d spent more time getting to know people with different “standards” than me and less time talking to my journal, my Secret Senior Dream would have come true.

Thankfully, there’s a happy end to all the pathetic weirdness: I did indeed find a tall, good-looking guy, although not in time for prom. But he is hilariously funny, and I think he wants to get to know me better. I’ll let you know how it turns out!


  1. Okay this is FUNNY!! I like the fact that you were serious about not being a hussy! Love it! Booty dancing sucks by the way and that was on the top of my "non-negotiables" list too... and STILL remains.

  2. Oh my gosh - this is hilarious!! Wow, I see a book being written out of this - better yet a film sit-com tv show, everything!!! :) Miss you here!

  3. Laughing and sweet. Oh, and I think you DID find the perfect guy!

  4. haha, thanks guys! Kate, I agree. I'm glad Chris meets all the truly important criteria that I apparently couldn't conceive of in high school. :-)

  5. ha ha, I hope no one expects me to bare my journals on the internet. Though I'm very glad you shared yours :)

    Thanks for the laugh, and I still thought you were cool back then, I think I may have been at one of those Josh Harris things with you, lol.

  6. Joy - there's more where that came from, and I seem to have a sick desire to expose my (hopefully former) nerdiness, so I'll do all the embarrassing sharing. haha but yeah, at the very least, we always got a very serious talking to at those Youth Advance camps. haha Remember the Butterfinger talk? I don't even remember the message--maybe that if you share part of your Butterfinger, you never get it back, and you can't present your husband with a whole, wrapped Butterfinger? HA

  7. Erika - I thought you'd appreciate that. :-)