Thursday, October 28, 2010

My ideas are wasted on the logical minimalist I live with.

Me: [sitting on the couch thinking about shower curtains]

Chris: [sitting on the couch thinking about things that are not shower curtains]

Me: It just occurred to me—I can’t believe I didn’t think of this before!

Chris: What?

Me: To find the right shower curtain, we should be doing what the consultants do on Say Yes to the Dress!

Chris: I don’t know what they do.

Me: The very first thing they ask a bride, before discussing necklines, beading or price point, is, “How do you want to look on your wedding day?”

Chris: ….

Me: So instead of just trying to find a non-ugly shower curtain we both don’t hate, we need to first ask ourselves, how do we want our bathroom to feel?

Chris: ….

Me: I’ll go first. I want our bathroom to feel…rustic. Soft. Dreamy and calm.

Chris: [laughing] That’s not what I want the bathroom to be like!

Me: [trying to keep an open mind] Okay, what do you want the bathroom to be like?

Chris: [thinking about our bathroom, as if for the first time] A bathroom. I want to not be confused about where I am.

Me: [face-palm combined with deep, internal sigh. and maybe an eye roll. and some frustrated screams.]


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Chris has a point though. I know he frequently gets lost in the house.

  2. haha, oh snap! I'm telling him you said that.

  3. I feel a limerick coming on:

    There once was a woman named Amy
    Who liked her bathrooms soft yet hazy
    She asked her beau Chris,
    Where he'd like to pish,
    And he looked at her as if she was crazy!

    Honestly though, I don't want to use a rustic bathroom. No matter how soft and dreamy.

  4. A bathroom should be nice and clean
    Like something out of a dream
    But if you ask Chris
    He'll say something like this,
    "Dude, I just need somewhere to pee."

    I like that one better.

  5. That made me laugh out loud! Rustic, soft, dreamy and calm... sounds like a cross between an outhouse and a spa. Let me know how that works out!